The Great Dragons

China's first set of stamps were issued in the Qing dynasty, in 1878. The set of stamps were printed three times over the years, with different paper quality and different perforations. Certain varieties are very rare to find now.

Great Dragon stamps

The Other Chinese Stamps

The Republic of China (1911-), now Taiwan, continues to issue stamps today. Its stamps have the traditional Chinese characters "中華民國郵政" from right to left, or from top to bottom.

Hong Kong, once a British colony, continues to issue its own stamps after it returned to China in 1997. Its stamps typically have "Hong Kong" on them, with "China" added after the 1997 handover.

Similarly, Macau was once a colony of Portugal. After its return to China in 1999, Macau continues to issue its own stamps, now with China added to the Macau name on the stamps.

Featured Chinese Stamps

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National Anthem, Congress Hall

In 1983, the 6th national congress officially reverted back China's national anthem to its historic version from the anti-Japanese war era.

Chinese Alligators

This is critically endangered species. People of Alibaba once called themselves crocodiles in the Yangtze, which refers to the same animal.

Mount Tai (Taishan)

Located in Shandong province of east China, Mount Tai is one of the Five Famous Mountains in China. Chinese culture has many elements that relate to Mount Tai. The stamps were issued in 1988, using the line engraving printing technique.

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