The Biggest Faux Pas

In late 1968, in the midst of the Great Culture Revolution, China issued a stamp titled "red all across China", meaning the whole China has been ruled by the "red" revolutionary force. The problem was that the map included Taiwan, which was not red. The error was recognized quickly, although a small amount of the stamp had already been sold to the general public.

All Red Over China Stamp
  • Nanchang Uprising Memorial Building
  • Swan in Chinese Stamp
  • Chemist Hou Debang on stamp

Some Other Errors in Chinese Stamps

In 1961, for the 40th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, China issued a set of 5 stamps. The second stamp of the set has a picture of a historic building. Unfortunately, the actual building has four floors, while the picture in the stamp has three.

In 1983, China issued a set of four swan stamps. Each stamp has the Latin name of the swan on it. The third one had "CUGNUS COLNMBIAUS", which should actually be "CUGNUS COLUMBIAUS".

In a 1990 stamp that depicted a Chinese chemist, the chemistry formula (where the red arrow points to) had some mistakes.

Featured Chinese Stamps with Errors

Our stock of Chinese stamps includes some that have mistakes in them. Below is a sample of our stock. Price includes shipping and handling. We accept Paypal (

Bronzes of Western Zhou Dynasty

This set of eight stamps was issued on Christmas Day in 1982. It used the Jin language for the China People's Post characters. But there were mistakes in the Jin characters used.

Peking Man Skull - Stamped Envelope

Skull of Peking Man

Issue in 1989, this pre-stamped envelope commemorates the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the skull of a Peking Man. The back of the envelope is more interesting. It first declared this discovery as supporting Maxism etc. Then it apparently had a mistake toward the end: "The stamp on the envelope. The stamp on th envelope features ...".

Monkey King Stamps

Monkey King (Journey to the West)

The 1979 Monkey King set has eight stamps. The mistake is with No. 2, 3, and 4, in which Monkey King wears tiger-skin clothes. The problem is that according to the book, Monkey King got this clothe much later in the story.

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