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You should have a plan for the future. The lesson of Mr. ¬ should be learned by all. He was a great student, worked all the way to get his Ph.D., only to find nowhere to go next. The result, homicide and then suicide. 

You should ask people in your program about the job situations of past graduates. Keep in mind that the disadvantages you have as compared to other graduates:

  • Being a non-native speaker, you may have a harder time finding a job that requires very good verbal communication skills, e.g. teaching, marketing. 
  • Being a Chinese citizen, you cannot get a job at the US government before you get a green card. Also you cannot work at places that tie closely to the national security, e.g., a company that makes airplanes for the military.

If the job prospect of your program looks really bad for you, you may want to look for other alternatives. Talk to people to get ideas. Also if you have a choice, consider whether you should go all the way for a Ph.D. (which takes an average of 5 years), or get a master's degree and then look for a job.

No matter what you decide to do, make a plan. Of course you first need to understand all the requirements you need to meet to get a master's degree or a Ph.D. Then you should plan for the courses you want to take for each semester, as well as the other activities you want to do, such as choosing a research area, looking for an internship, or searching for a full-time job.

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