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Lawn Care

It is important to apply fertilizer, mow the lawn regularly when it is growing, and control the weed. For fertilizer application, use a spreader that has a wheel. A hand-held spreader is only for small lawns (no more than 1/3 of an acre).

Weed killer can kill dandelion and clover. For clover, you can first plow it to physically make it weak. Then water you lawn to make the weed wet. Then put the weed killer (sometimes come with lawn fertilizer) and, which should stick to the leaves of the weed. Give it a few day for the weed to fade.

Choose the Right Lawn Mower

First of all, forget the electric mower. You don't want to mess with that long extension cord. Secondly, to save time, you may choose to get a mower without the bag. Having a mower that mulch the grass (i.e. cut the grass into fine pieces) and leave the grass in the lawn is actually good for the lawn. However, you need to avoid having the grass grow tall. If you have a big lawn (one acre and above), you should consider getting a ride-on mower.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Replace the spark plug Leave it out of the engine until the work is complete so there's no chance the engine could start while completing the work. This is equivalent to turning the power off when working on electrical projects. When all other work is completed, replace the old spark plug with a new one.

Replace the air filter The casing for the filter might be located on the side or the top, depending on the model of lawnmower being serviced. Remove the casing for the filter and dispose of the old filter. Clean any debris from inside the casing with a brush, and install the new filter.

Change the oil Locate the drain plug; it is often underneath the mower's housing. Drain the oil, replace the drain plug and refill the oil reservoir.

Maintain the blade Be sure that when working with the blade, the spark plug has been removed. Periodically remove the blade and have it sharpened. When re-installing it, be sure the sharp edge faces the proper direction. In some cases the blade may need to be replaced. Check the underside of the mower deck often, and keep it as clean as possible for maximum efficiency.

Maintain the gas tank When gas sits dormant in a gas tank for a long time, it can get stale. To counteract this, use a gas stabilizer or drain the gas tank and carburetor before storing the mower for the winter.

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