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If you are a Ph.D. graduate, the best way to find jobs is through your advisor, people you know who are also in your research field, as well as journals, email list, and newsletters in your field. In other words, the best place is your own network of people and communication channels. Ph.D. graduates need to start looking for a job no later than 9 months before graduation.

For master's graduates, if you don't have much work experience in the US, a good place to find your first job is college recruiting events. When employers come to your campus, they are not looking for someone with at least 2 years of working experience, as most employers do elsewhere. Your school probably has a career center (or placement service, etc.). You need to sign up there and participate in their job-searching seminars, employer information sessions, and on-campus interviews. Master's graduates need to start looking for a job no later than 6 months before graduation.

In general, the following are the most popular channels:

  • Recruiting Web sites, such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com.
  • Employer's own Web site.
  • Employee referral programs.
  • External recruiters, e.g. head hunters.
  • Job ads in local media, professional association media, e-mail lists, and blogs.
For your convenience, we provide a job finder on our website, which gives you access to all the jobs posted at Google Base.

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