Find an Old Friend in US

If you know which university s/he is in, you can send an email message to the Chinese student email list there (email look-up).

If you don't know exactly where your friend is, then go to Dogpile and select "White Page." Then type in your friend's name for a search. Hopefully you will get his or her contact information.

Keep in Touch with Friends

If you want to build a website for a group of friend (say for your classmates), can provide you the space and hosting service, for free. You need to design your pages, and send the files to us for publishing. You can even have your own BBS (or forum, whichever you want to call it).

If you want to build a personal website and share it with friends and family, we can also host it for you, for free.

We have a 1MB limit on each free site, which is pretty much enough for most people. (Remember that Bill Gates once said, "640K is pretty much enough for everybody"?)

The URL for such a free site will look like:

Send a Gift

Need gift ideas, go to . It helps you choose a gift based on the occasion that the gift is for.


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