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Here are the terms for children of different ages:

Infant (or baby) from birth to one year old
Toddler from 1 to less than 3 years old
Pre-schooler 3 years old
Per-kindergarten (or pre-K) 4 years old
Kindergarterner 5 years old

Before going to kindergarter, children can be taken care of at home or sent to day care. Besides regular day care, there are also home day care that are provided by people at their homes. The advantage of home day care is that there are a small number of kids and therefore the chance for children getting sick from each other is smaller.

Parents who don't speak English at home often worry about their children being behind in English. Typically it is perfectly fine for a 2-year old who doesn't speak much English to go to day care. Communication by words is simply not that important then. Your child will pick up English very quickly once she is in that environment.

Elementary schools typically start from kingergarten and ends at 5th grade. Middle schools are usually 6th grade to 8th grade. And high schhols are 9th grade to 12th grade. So high-school students also have freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, just like college students.

One thing that is a must in the U.S. is to get your child involved in sports. The first sport to consider is swimming, which you can start around 4 years old. When you child is 5 or 6, s/he can start soccer, softball, or base ball. Skating can also start at this age. As your child grows, consider tennis, basketball, and football. You child will benefit a lot if s/he can get involved with some kind of team sport.

Besides sports, consider drawing, dancing, piano, violin, karate, etc. Of course, you want them to learn Chinese.

If you can, try to get involved with your child's school. For example, you can volunteer or participate in parents association.


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