Career Development

A Job or a Career

A job is something you do for a living. A career is a long-term process in which you become more and more valuable as a professional. Therefore, for a career, you need to plan for next year, 5 years from now, and 10 years from now, etc.

Large companies usually have career development plans for employees. You should discuss with your manager about your career plan, and try to get approval for trainings needed for you to get there. In smaller companies, you may not have much time for training. Then you have to learn on the job, or on your own. To advance your career, you can try to get promoted on your original position, to get a higher position in a different department of the same company, or get a better position in a different company.

Survive the Corporate Life

Integrity Employers nowadays don't expect too much of your loyalty. But they do need your integrity. Integrity means following all corporate policies, as well as business and legal rules. For example, if you have access to sensitive information, don't disclose it to anyone who should not know it.

Working with Your Boss You need to have good working relationship with your supervisor. Understand what's important to him. Try to make his life easier, and make him look good. Use your strength to compliment his weakness. Let him know your opinions. Update him about where you are with the tasks. When the boss asks you to do something, unless you can convince him that it's not the right thing to do, do it quickly and do it well.

Working with People Try not to only work on things. It's very important to build a good working relationship with the people around you. Know who to go to for the different things you need in your job. Also be ready to help people whenever you can. Encourage people to come to you for the things that your are responsible for.

Understand the Business You need to know how your company is making money, and how your job is related to the business. Understand the "core competency" your company needs to build to stay in business and how you fit in.

Become Outstanding

The way to become outstanding is, well, to stand out. When opportunity shows up, and you think you are the right person for the job, stand out. Otherwise, the job may go to a less qualified person, which is bad for everyone. Also, volunteer for public services, if you have time. This will give you more opportunities to interact with people, and to know things that are happening around you, which can be very important for you to understand your working environment at different levels.
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